LZ Library List Compiled by CZ

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AuthorTitlePublication InformationDate AscribedInscription/NotesMarginaliaDegree of Damage
Agenda MagazineVol. 14 No. 2, Summer 1976. Ed. William Cookson[dated Oct. 20, 1976]noneruined
Agenda Magazine, David Jones Special IssueVol. 11 No. 4 & Vol. 12 No. 1, Autumn-Winter 1973/74[rec’d May 30/74] & C’s & P’s see p. 102 noneruined
Agenda Magazine, David Jones Special IssueVol. 5 Nos. 1-3, Spring-Summer 1967. Ed. William Cookson[rec’d 1/25/68] noneruined
Agenda Magazine, Special Issue in Honour of Ezra Pound’s 85th BirthdayVol. 8 Nos. 3-4, Autumn-Winter 1970. Ed. William Cooksonp. 82, 119, 130-7, 224 & P’s & C’s, Jan 8, 1971 [includes Guy Davenport’s review of L.Z’s “A”13-21 and Catullus]noneruined
Agenda Magazine, Special Issue on MythVol. 15 Nos. 2-3, Summer-Autumn, 1977. Ed. William Cookson[rec’d Nov. 21/77]noneruined
Agenda Magazine, Special Issue on Thomas Hardy
Vol. 10 Nos. 2-3, Spring-Summer 1972. Guest ed. Donald Davie1973, Feb. 20noneruined
Agenda Magazine, Wyndham Lewis Special IssueVol. 7 No. 3-Vol. 8 No. 1, Autumn-Winter 1969-70. Ed. William Cookson1970, Xmasnonenone
American Poetry Archive, Audio Tape Collection, 1954-1977 (Catalogue)
The Poetry Center at San Francisco State Universitynonenone
American Poetry Archive, second series (1977-78) (Catalogue)
The Poetry Center at San Francisco State Universitynonenone
AprocryphaWorld’s Classics, Oxford UP, 19601965nonenone
Beowulf: with the Finnesburg FragmentEd. C.L. Wrenn; D.C. Heath & Co., 19531953much marginaliaruined
Berlitz Self-Teacher Russian
Grosset & Dunlap, 1951nonenone
Book of the Dead, TheIntro. E.A. Wallis Budge; University Books, 19601964noneruined
Bright’s Anglo-Saxon ReaderRevised & enlarged J.R. Hulbert; Henry Hold & Co., 19571957noneruined
Brooklyn Botanic Garden Handbooks[volumes: Breeding Ornamental Plants; Flowering Trees; House Plants; Trained and Sculptured Plants]noneruined
Buddhist Scriptures
Trans. Edward Conze; Penguin Books, 19591959nonenone
Century Dictionary & Cyclopedia of Names, The
Prepared under superintendence of William Dwight Whitney; Century Co., 1895[10 vols.] for Paul ca. 1950nonemild damage
Chinese PaintingsA Picture Book, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1940noneruined
Chinese VerseTrans. R. Kotewall & N.L. Smith; Penguin Books, 1962noneruined
Common Weeds of the United StatesPrepared by U.S. Dept. of Agriculture; Dover, 19711971, Aug. 30C’s and P’snoneruined
Concise Oxford Dictionary of English LiteratureOxford UP, 1942noneruined
Controversy of Poets, A
Eds. Paris Leary & Robert Kelly; Anchor Book, Doubleday, 19651965, July 9desknonemild damage
Conversation Dictionary: English-Italian & Italian-English Vocabulary & Grammatical Appendix
Davit Nutt, Londonnonenone
Dictionary of American SlangEd. H. Wentworth & S.T. Flexner; Thomas Y. Crowell Co., 19601970noneruined
Dictionary of Art and Artists, AEd. Peter & Linda Murray; Penguin Books, 1959noneruined
Early English Christian PoetryTrans. Charles W. Kennedy; Oxford UP, 19521952nonenone
Elegy and Iambus, Vols. I & IITrans. J.M. Edmonds; Loeb Classical Library, Harvard UP, 1961[Vol. I: remains of Callinus – Antimachus Vol. II: remains of Plato – Scythinus; The Anacreontea]noneruined
Encyclopedia of GardeningEd. N. Taylor; Houghton Mifflin, 19611969Celia’s, Louis Zukofsky, 1969nonenone
English Poets, The, Vols. I & IIIIntro. Matthew Arnold; Macmillan, 1907, 19081924 (vol I), 1943 (vol III)[Vol. I: Chaucer to Donne Vol. III: Addison to Blake]noneruined
Equinox, A Gathering of T’ang PoetsTrans. & adaptations David Gordon; Ohio UP, 19751975, Sept. 19for Louis Zukofsky, a “struggler in the desert” who has become the conductor in “A,” Music of Worlds. David Gordonnoneruined
Five Migilloth, TheSoncino Press, 19611964nonenone
Funk & Wagnall’s Standard College DictionaryHarcourt Brace & World, 19631963nonenone
Greek Anthology, The, Vols. I-V
Trans. W.R. Paton; Loeb Classical Library, Vols. I & IV, Harvard UP, 1960, 1963, Vols. II, III & V, G. P. Putnam, 1925, 1926, 19271968, Dec. 21 (Vols. I, II, III, V) 1969, Feb. 11 (Vol. IV)[Vol. I:] for Louis’ Christmas and Hanukah, December 1968, love, Joan and Paul [Vols. II, III, V:] love, Joan and Paul [contents: Vol. I: Christian Epigrams; Christodorus of Thebes; Cyzicene Epigrams; Proems; Amatory Epigrams; Dedicatory Epigrams; Vol. II: Sepulchreal Epigrams; Epigrams of St. Gregory; Vol. III: Declamatory Epigrams; Vol. IV: Hortatory & Admonitory Epigrams; Convivial & Satirical Epigrams; Strato’s “Musa Puerilis”; Vol. V: Epigrams in Various Metres; Riddles; Miscellanea; Epigrams of the Planudean Anthology]noneruined (Vol. II)
Greek Bucolic Poets, TheTrans. J.M. Edmonds; Loeb Classical Library, Harvard UP, 1960[contents: Theocritus; Bion; Moschus; Megara; The Dead Adonis; The Pattern-Poems]nonesevere damage
Greek Mathematical Works, Vols. I & IITrans. Ivor Thomas; Loeb Classical Library, Harvard UP, 1967, 19681970[Vol. I: Thales to Euclid Vol. II: Aristarchus to Pappus]nonenone
Handy German-English and English-German DictionaryDavid McKay Co.1970nonenone
Hebrew Prayer Books (4)1950: (2 books); 1953, 1960 1) [signed] L.Z. ca 1960, from my brother M.E.Z.; for Paul

2) [signed] L.Z. ca 1950

3) [signed] L.Z. ca 1950, my father’s, L.Z.

4) [signed] L.Z., ca 1953, my father-in-law’s, Hyman Thaew’s Bible, L.Z.; &C’s & P’s etc
marginalia dated 8/26/77 in book 3none
Holy Bible, TheKing James Version, S. S. Teacher’s Edition, Oxford UPC’s and Paul’s ’75much marginalianone
Holy Bible, TheKing James Version, Oxford UP, 1865desknonenone
Iceland, The Surprising Island of the Atlantic
Iceland Review, 1977To Celia & Louis Zukofsky, 1978noneruined
Illustrated Pocket Medical DictionaryEds. N.L. Hoerr & A. Osol; Blakiston Co., 1952nonenone
Introduction to Haiku: An Anthology of Poems and Poets from Basho to Shiki, An
Trans. H.G. Henderson; Doubleday Anchor Book, 1958noneruined
James-Grassi Dictionary of the English & Italian LanguagesRegan Publ.1923from S.T. Hechtnonenone
JobSoncino Press, 19601964nonenone
KingsSoncino Press, 19611964nonenone
Lacdaela SagaTrans. from the Icelandic by Muriel A.C. Press; Temple Classics, J.M. Dent, 19061924nonenone
Langensheidt’s Pocket Hebrew Dictionary to the Old TestamentBarnes & Noble, 19611970nonenone
Larousse Dictionary: Nouveau Petit, Illustré
Librarie Larousse1932noneruined
Caisse Nationale des Monuments Historiques, Paris, France1957noneruined
London for the Visitor
A Geographia Guide1969noneruined
Lumen/Avenue A
Vol. I No. 1 (NYC), 1979; Ed. Jim Graham [first issue dedicated to L.Z.] 3/10/79 – letter to C.Z. from J. Grahamnonemild damage
Lyra Graeca, Vols. I, II & IIIEd. & trans. J.M. Edmonds; Loeb Classical Library, Harvard UP, 1958, 1959[Vol. I: Olympus, Eumelus; Terpander; Thaletas; Polymnastus; Alcman; Arion; Sappho; Alcaeus Vol. II: Echembrotus; Sacadas; Xanthus; Stesichorus; Ibycus; Anacreon; Lasus; Apollodorus; Tynnichus; Telesilla; Simonides; Timocreon Vol. III: Myrtis-Theano; Fragments; Folk Songs; Drinking Songs]nonenone
Mabinogion, TheTrans. Charlotte Guest; Temple Classics, J.M. Dent, 19021965marginalianone
Max on ViewMax Beerbohm Exhibitionnoneruined
Meaning of the Glorious Koran, TheTrans. M.M. Pickthall; Mentor Book, New American Library, 19531953nonenone
Mirror of Perfection, TheTrans. from the Cottonian by Robert Steele; Temple Classics, J.M. Dent, 19031965nonenone
New Dictionary of Music, AEd. Arthur Jacobs; Penguin Books, 1958nonenone
New Directions 15, International IssueNew Directions, 19551955nonenone
New Directions 17Ed. J. Laughlin; New Directions, 1961p. 252, for Celia, Louis and Paul, friends and admirers of the only begetter of this exegesis, Jack, 11/26/61L.Z. marginaliaruined
Nineteenth Century Russian DramaIntro. John Gassner; Bantam Books, 1963[contents: Pushkin, The Stone Guest; Gogol, The Inspector General; Turgenev, A Month in the Country; Ostrovsky, The Thunderstorm; Tolstoy, The Power of Darkness]nonenone
Njal’s SagaPenguin Books, 1960nonenone
Original Mechanicalfor L. Z. Autobiographynonesevere damage
Paideuma: Journal Devoted to Ezra Pound ScholarshipVol. 4 Nos. 2 & 3, Fall & Winter 1975, U. of Maine, Orono1976, June 19pp. 281, 339, 341, 342, 520, 522, 525 for Celia and Paulnoneruined
Passover Haggadah“exclusively produced as a gift to the friends and supporters of the General Israel Orphan’s Home for Girls, Jerusalem, Israel”nonenone
Pentateuch and Haftorahs, TheSoncino Press, 19621964“A”-14noneruined
Persian MiniaturesA Picture Book, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1940noneruined
Poem of the CidVerse trans. W.S. Merwin; New American Library, 1962noneruined
Poems of Today, from 25 Icelandic PoetsTrans. Alan Boucher; Icelandic Review Library, 1974nonenone
Psalms, TheSoncino Press, 19621964nonenone
Queen’s Garland: Chosen Lyrics of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, TheSel. Fitz Roy Carrington; Duffield & Co., 19061943nonenone
Reading Modern StoriesKey Editions, Scott Foresman & Co., 19551955noneruined
Roget’s Thesaurus of English Words and PhrasesWorld Publ. Co.noneruined
Soncino Press, 19621964nonemild damage
Scenes Along the RoadPhotos by Ann Charters, poems & comments by Allen Ginsberg; Portents/Gotham Book Mart, 1970photos of old phantoms, for Louis Zukofsky, 7th Ave., NYC, Nov. 5, 1970 from Allen Ginsberg, RD 2, Cherry Valley, N.Y. 13320, 607-264-6811noneruined
Shakespeare Companion, 1564-1964, ACompiled by F.E. Halliday; Penguin Books, 1964noneruined
Vol. II No. 2, Summer 1978; Ed. Dennis Barone; Ramsey, N.J.in memory of L. Z.nonenone
Three Eighteenth Century RomancesIntro. H.R. Steeves; Charles Scribner’s Sons, 19591960[contents: The Castle of Otranto; Vathek; The Romance of the Forest]noneruined
Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary
G.C. Merriam, 1948nonenone
World Game Editions Dymaxion Sky-Ocean Map[signed] Buckminster Fuller, Aug. 28, 1979noneruined
(Zukofsky, Louis)Envelope of postcards pertaining to “4 Other Countries”1957[2 from “The Unicorn Tapestries” & “King Arthur Tapestry,” Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC; “Codex Sinaiticus,” British Museum; 3 from Arles; 3 from La Provence Romaine; 3 from Milano; 2 from Ravenna]nonenone
Adams, Brooks Law of Civilization and Decay, The
Intro. Charles A Beard; Vintage Books, 1995.1955nonenone
Adams, Charles F. & Henry AdamsChapters of Erie and Other EssaysJames R. Osgood & Co., 1871.1924For Paul’s library and more stately mansions, Louis, Aug 7/75marginalianone
Adams, HenryDegradation of the Democratic Dogma, TheIntro. Brooks Adams; Macmillan, 19201923marginaliaruined
Adams, HenryEducation of Henry Adams, TheIntro. James Truslow Adams; Modern Library, 1931.much marginalianone
Adams, Henry Mont-Saint-Michel & Chartres
Doubleday Anchor Book, 19591964nonenone
Adams, Henry Two Novels: Democracy and Esther
Doubleday Anchor Book, 19611961nonenone
Adams, Henry United States in 1800, The
Cornell UP, 19571957nonesevere damage
Aeschylus Aeschylus, Vols. I & II

[2 copies]
Trans. H.W. Smyth; Loeb Classical Library, Harvard UP, 1963[Vol. I: Suppliant Maidens; Persians; Prometheus; Seven Against Thebes Vol. II: Agamemnon; Libation-Bearers; Eumenides; Fragments]none1) severe damage 2) ruined
Agassiz, Louis Gists from Agassiz
Sel. John Kasper; Square Dollar Series, 19531953marginaliamild damage
Agassiz, LouisIntelligence of Louis Agassiz, TheSel. with intro. by Guy Davenport; Beacon Press, 1963for Celia and Louis Zukofsky, Lexington, 27 IX 65, with all admiration, Guynoneruined
Allegro, John M.Dead Sea ScrollsPenguin Books, 1956nonenone
Greenough, J.B., et al.Allen and Greenough’s New Latin GrammarRev. ed. Ginn & Co., 19161950noneruined
Allen, Donald & Warren Tallman, eds.Poetics of the New American Poetry, TheGrove Press, 1973C’s & P’s, Oct. 3, 1974 pp. 142-6; ref. passim insidenoneruined
Anderson, G.L., ed.Masterpieces of the OrientW.W. Norton, 19611961noneruined
Apollinaire, GuillaumeOeuvres PoetiquesBibliothèque de la Pléiade, Editions Gallimard, 1965April 16/67, memento of Paris ORTF Sessions, April 14/67, to LZ p. 1224, love, PZnonenone
Apollodorus The Library, Vols. I & II
Trans. Sir J.G. Frazer; Loeb Classical Library, Vol. I: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1921, Vol. II: Harvard UP, 1956marginalia, Vol. Isevere damage
Apuleius, Lucius Story of Cupid and Psyche, The
Trans. William Aldington; Temple Classics, J.M. Dent, 19031965nonenone
Aquinas, St. ThomasEd. Anton C. Pegis; Modern Library, Random House, 19481950noneruined
Arberry, A.J., ed.Persian PoemsEveryman’s Library, E.P. Dutton, 19541954noneruined
ArchilochosFragmentsTrans. Guy Davenport, foreword Hugh Kenner; U. of California Press, 1964for Louis & Celia Zukofsky, Lexington 271X65, Guynoneruined
Aristophanes Aristophanes, Vols. I, II & III
Trans. B.B. Rogers; Loeb Classical Library, Harvard UP, Vols. I & II, 1950, Vol. III, 1946[Vol. I: The Acharnians; The Clouds; The Knights; The Wasps Vol. II: The Peace; The Birds; The Frogs Vol. III: The Lysistrata; The Thesmophoriazusae; The Ecclesiazusae; The Plutus]nonesevere damage
Aristotle “Art” of Rhetoric, The
Trans. J.H. Freese; Loeb Classical Library, Harvard UP, 19671969nonesevere damage
AristotleMetaphysicsEd. & trans. John Warrington; Everyman’s Library, E. P. Dutton, 19561956noneruined
Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics, The
Trans. H. Rackham, Loeb Classical Library, Harvard UP, 1945to Paul, May 23/55 from Louis for May 22 concertnonesevere damage
Aristotle, Longinus & Demetrius Poetics, On the Sublime, On Style
Trans. S. Halliwell, W.H. Fyfe & W.R. Roberts; Loeb Classical Library, Harvard UP, 1953nonesevere damage
Ashley, R. & E.M. Moseley, eds.Elizabethan FictionRinehart, 1953[contents: George Gascoigne’s The Adventures of Master F.J.; John Lyly’s Euphues: The Anatomy of Wit; Sir Philip Sydney’s The Arcadia; Thomas Nashe’s The Unfortunate Traveller; Thomas Deloney’s Jack of Newburynoneruined
Atiyah, Edward Arabs, The
Penguin Books, 1958Paul’s, Sept. 14/75nonesevere damage
Augustine, St. Confessions, Vols. I & II
Trans. W. Watts; Loeb Classical Library, Harvard UP, 19681971, Jan. 5nonenone
Augustine, St. Select Letters
Trans. J.H. Baxter; Loeb Classical Library, Harvard UP, 19651971, Jan. 5nonenone
Aurelius, Marcus Golden Book, The
Trans. Meric Casaubon, Temple Classics, J.M. Dent, 19021965nonenone
Austen, JaneNorthanger AbbeyW.W. Norton, 19531953[p. 191:] “perfect felicity” of the novel after 56 years – making absurdity lovely, Valentine’s day 1978, Port Jefferson, L Z, Paul’s what else but to do [includes: Persuasion]noneruined
Austen, JanePersuasionLaurel Editions, Dell Publ., 19591977, Aug. 23C’s & Paul’s [includes: Lady Susan]much marginaliaruined
Austen, JanePride and PrejudiceWorld’s Classics, Oxford UP, 19481972, Jan. 11Paget, Bermudamuch marginaliaruined
Austen, JaneSense and SensibilityPeople’s Library, Cassell & Co., 1908much marginaliaruined
Bacon, FrancisEssaysOdyssey Press, 19371950[includes: Essays; The Advancement of Learning; Magna Instrauratio; Historia Naturalis; De Dignitate; New Atlantis]noneruined
Baedeker, K. Central Italy and Rome
Karl Baedeker, Publisher, 19001950nonenone
Barnes, DjunaSelected WorksFarrar, Strauss & Cudahy, 19621963[includes: Spillway; The Antiphon; Nightwood]noneruined
Barth, Karl Anselm: Faith in Search of Understanding
Meridian Books, World Publ. Co, 1958nonenone
Bartholomew, J.G. Literary & Historical Atlas of Asia
Everyman’s Library, E.P. Dutton, 1912nonenone
Bartram, William Travels
Ed.Publ.ns1971, August 30C’s/Paul’snonesevere damage
Baudelaire, CharlesOeuvres CompletesBibliothèque de la Pléiade, Editions Gallimard, 19611970noneruined
Beckett, Samuel Malone Dies
Grove Press, 19561963nonenone
Beckett, Samuel Molloy
Grove Press, 19551963nonenone
Beckett, Samuel Unnamable, The
Grove Press, 19581963nonenone
Bede, The Venerable Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation
Trans. L.C. Jane; Temple Classics, J.M. Dent, 19031965nonemild damage
Beethoven, L. Beethoven Letters, Journals and Conversation
Trans. & ed. M. Hamburger; Doubleday Anchor Book, 1960nonenone
Benton, Thomas H.Bank of the United StatesSquare Dollar Series, 19541954noneruined
Berrey, L.V. & M. van den BarkAmerican Thesaurus of SlangThomas J. Crowell Co., 19661970noneruined
Blake, WilliamComplete WritingsEd. Geoffrey Keynes; Oxford UP, 19661967, April 13noneruined
Boccaccio, Giovanni Decameron, The
Trans. Richard Aldington; Dell Publ., 1962nonenone
Booth, Marcella Catalogue of the Louis Zukofsky Manuscript Collection, A
Tower Bibliographical Series, no. 11, Humanities Research Center, U. of Texas at Austin, 19751975, May 17open shelf; L.Z. passim comments as notednonesevere damage
Borges, Jorge Luis Labyrinths
Preface André Maurois, New Directions, 19641967nonenone
Boswell, James Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson
Temple Classics, J.M. Dent, 19031964nonemild damage
Bouquet, A.C. Comparative Religion
Penguin Books, 1953nonenone
Bouquet, A.C. Sacred Books of the World
Penguin Books, 1954marginalianone
Bownas, Geoffrey & Anthony Thwaite, eds.Penguin Book of Japanese Verse, ThePenguin Books, 1964noneruined
Bradley, S., R.C. Beatty & E.H. Long, eds. American Tradition in Literature, The
W.W. Norton, 19611961nonenone
Breasted, James H. Ancient Times
Ginn and Co., 19161924nonesevere damage
Breasted, James H. History of Egypt, A
Bantam Books, 19641964nonenone
Brecht, BertoltSelected PoemsTrans. H.R. Hays; Grove Press 1959from P. Z., 1964noneruined
Breul, Karl German and English Dictionary
D.C. Heath & Co., 19061922nonenone
Bridgwater, Patrick, ed. Twentieth-Century German Verse
Penguin Books, 1963nonenone
Brittain, F., ed. Latin Verse
Penguin Books, 1962noneruined
Brooke, C.F. Tucker & N.B. Paradise, eds. English Drama 1580-1642
D.C. Heath & Co., 19331947[contents: George Peele; John Lyly; Robert Greene; Thomas Kyd; Christopher Marlowe; Thomas Dekker; Thomas Heywood; George Chapman; John Marston; Ben Jonson; John Webster; Beaumont and Fletcher; Philip Massinger; Middleton and Rowley; John Ford; James Shirley]nonemild damage
Browne, Sir ThomasWorks, Vols. I, II & IIIBohn’s Library, George Bell & Sons, 1852, 18781950; 1970, Dec. 20[Vol. I: Pseudodoxia Epidemica, Bks. I-IV Vol. II: Pseudodoxia Epidemica, Bks. V-VII; Religio Medici; The Garden of Cyrus Vol. III: Hydriotaphia; Brampton Urns; Christian Moral; Miscellanies; Repertorium; Correspondence]noneruined
Browning, Elizabeth BarrettComplete Works, Vols. I & IINew Century Library, Thomas Nelson & Sons, 19181929, Celia ThaewWith Sincerest Wishes, Sivia Friedman [Vol. I: A Drama of Exile; Sonnets Vol. II: Casa Guidi Windows; Poems Before Congress; Last Poems; Translations]noneruined
Browning, RobertComplete Poetical WorksMacmillan, 19071943noneruined
Browning, Robert Sordello
Temple Classics, J.M. Dent, 19021965nonenone
Bunting, BasilCollected PoemsFulcrum Press, 1968for Louis Zukofsky, Basil Buntingnoneruined
Bunyan, JohnPilgrim’s Progress, TheGolden Treasury Series, Macmillan, 19051922noneruined
Burckhardt, Jacob Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy, The
Phaidon Publishers, 19511951nonenone
Burnet, JohnEarly Greek PhilosophyMeridian Books, World Publ. Co., 19301965[Contents: Milesian School; Science and Religion; Herakleitos of Ephesos; Parmenides of Elea; Empedokles; Anaxagoras; The Pythagoreans; Younger Eleatics; Leukippos]noneruined
Burns, RobertComplete WorksWilliam P. Nimmo Co., 18721945noneruined
Burton, Robert Anatomy of Melancholy, The
Tudor Publ. Co.1971&C’s and P’snonenone
Butler, Samuel Hudibras
George Bell & Sons, 19071943nonesevere damage
Butler, Samuel Way of All Flesh, The
Harper & Bros., 19501950much marginalianone
Butts, Mary Imaginary Letters
Afterword Robin Blaser, drawings by Jean Cocteau; Talonbooks, Vancouver, Canada, 1979nonenone
Byron, Lord Don Juan and Other Satirical Poems
Odyssey Press, 19351956nonemild damage
Caesar Civil Wars, The
Trans. A.G. Peskett; Loeb Classical Library, Harvard UP, 19511955nonesevere damage
Callimachus Hymns and Epigrams
Trans. A.W. & G.R. Mair; Loeb Classical Library, Harvard UP, 1950[includes works of Lycophron]nonesevere damage
Calvert, G.H.Handy Spanish English and English Spanish DictionaryDavid McKay Co., 19681970noneruined
Calverton, V.F., ed.Making of Man: An Outline of Anthropology, AnModern Library, 19311931marginaliaruined
Campion, ThomasWorksOxford UP, 19661967, April 13pencil marginalia summer and fall 1975, rereading all after 40 years. Sat., Nov 22, 1975, LZ for Paulmuch marginaliaruined
Carolino, Pedro English as She Is Spoke
Intro. Mark Twain; Dovernonenone
Carruth, HaydenDark WorldKayak, Santa Cruz, CA, 19741974, May 18pp. 7, 9, 26, 29 for Celia and Louis, affectionately, Haydennoneruined
Carruth, Hayden From Snow and Rock, From Chaos
New Directions, 1973For Celia and Louis, words from way off, way back, with love from Hayden, 30 April, 1973nonenone
Carruth, Hayden, ed.Voice That Is Great Within Us: American Poetry of the 20th Century, TheBantam Books, 1971[Revised edtn r’cd Apr. 10, 1975 ed. 1970,] 1st Paul’s, pp. ix, xxxii, 249-258; [signed] Louis Zukofsky To Louis, always – Hayden, 2 April 75noneruined
CassellLatin DictionaryFunk & Wagnalls Co., 1952noneruined
CatullusCarminaOxford UP, 19581963P’s from C & Lnoneruined
CatullusCatullusEd. E.T. Merrill, College Series of Latin Authors, Ginn & Co., 18931957[Latin text with notes]noneruined
Catullus Poems of Catullus, The
George Bell & Sons, 18781958[includes Tibullus; The Vigil of Venus; metrical versions of Lamb and Grainger]nonenone
Catullus Selected Poems of Catullus
Ed. F.P. Simpson; Macmillan, 19631963Paul’snonesevere damage
CatullusSelectionsEd. M. Macmillan; Oxford UP, 19571960[Latin text with notes]noneruined
Catullus, Tibullus, Pervigilium Veneris Poems, The
Trans. F.W. Cornish, J.P. Postgate (Tibullus) & J.W. Mackail (Pervigilium); Loeb Classical Library, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 19411944copy for the translation with C.Z. and for Paulnonenone
Cavanah, FrancesFamous PaintingsWhitman Publ., 19461948[illustrated with full color reproductions] P.Z.’snoneruined
Cervantes, Miguel de Don Quixote
Modern Library, Random House, 1950nonenone
Chapman, George Homer’s Hymns and Epigrams
Library of Old Authors, John Russell Smith, 18881946marginalianone
Chapman, GeorgeOdyssey of Homer, The, Vols. I & IILibrary of Old Authors, John Russell Smith, 18741946noneruined
Chaucer, GeoffreyComplete WorksEd. W.W. Skeat; Oxford UP1923noneruined
Chekhov, AntonPeasants and Other StoriesSel. & preface Edmund Wilson; Doubleday Anchor Book, 1956noneruined
Chekhov, AntonPlaysPenguin Books, 19591960[contents: Ivanov; The Seagull; Uncle Vania; Three Sisters; The Cherry Orchard; The Bear; The Proposal; A Jubilee]noneruined
Cheyney, E.G. What Tree is That?
D. Appleton-Century Co., 1940[signed] Celia ZukofskyL.Z. marginalianone
Christ, Jesus Verba Christi
Temple Classics, J.M. Dent, 19031965nonenone
Christensen, Erwin O. Popular Art in the U.S., with Illustrations from the Index of American Design, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
Penguin Books, 1948nonesevere damage
Cid, The Chronicles
George Routledge & Sons1937nonenone
Clodd, Edward Story of the Alphabet, The
D. Appleton & Co., 19001944marginalianone
Cohen, J.M., ed.Penguin Book of Spanish Verse, ThePenguin Books, 1956nonenone
Coleridge, Samuel T.Biographia Literaria and Two Lay SermonsBohn’s Library, George Bell & Sons, 19051956marginaliaruined
Coleridge, Samuel T.Selected Poetry and ProseRinehart, 1951noneruined
Columbus, Christopher Four Voyages to the New World
Bi-Lingual, Letters & Selected Documents, ed. R.H. Major; Corinth Books, 1961nonenone
Compagni, Dino Chronicle of Dino Compagni, The
Trans. Else C.M. Benecke & A.G. Ferrers Howell; Temple Classics, J. M. Dent, 19061965nonemild damage
Congreve, WilliamComplete PlaysMermaid Dramabook, Hill and Wang, 19561956much marginaliaruined
Conrad, JosephLord JimDoubleday, Page, 1925noneruined
Corman, Cid Antics
Origin Press, 1977for Louis & Celia, words like years – sands in the glass, love, always, Cid, 22 February 1978nonemild damage
Corman, CidBe QuestElizabeth Press, 1972for Louis & Celia, always a little more, love, Cid, Kyoto, 24th Feb., 1972noneruined
Corman, CidFor GoodOrigin Press, 1964for Louis, Celia & Paul, always a little more, love, Cidnoneruined
Corman, CidFor InstanceOrigin Press, 1962for Louis, Celia & Paul, love the only instance, always, Cidnoneruined
Corman, CidFor KeepsOrigin Press, 1970for Louis & Celia, quiet sounds, always, Cid Corman, 3 Jan. 1971noneruined
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