…research won’t guarantee; / tongues commonly inaccurate: from Erik Satie (1866-1925), French composer: “Although our information is inaccurate, we do not guarantee it.” 537.12 loving song greater than / anything—unhappiness:… more

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…LZ as literary editor]. Oliphant, Dave and Gena Dagel, eds. Lawrence, Jarry, Zukofsky: A Triptych—Manuscript Collections at Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center . Austin, TX: Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center,… more

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The information below was compiled by Cathy Henderson and is reproduced with permission of the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, The University of Texas at Austin.B = books used for… more


…thy bed be accounted the fairest among woman. 262.9: Choose that for which thy genius is best adapted. 262.10-11: Set not thy mind on searching after that which hath been… more


…seed and germ of spirit. Sages who searched with their heart’s thought discovered The existent’s kinship in the non-existent . Transversely was their severing line extended: What was above it… more


…was easily to be obtained: I saw that one enquiry only gave occasion to another, that book referred to book, that to search was not always to find, and to… more

Catullus (1969) with Celia Zukofsky

…1968) [in “Test of Translation”]. Catullus 60. the silent Zero, in search of Sound, ed. Eric Sackheim. NY: Grossman, 1968. Catullus Fragmenta . London: Turret Books (Jan.1969) [limited ed.]. “Peliaco… more

Little (1970)

…bedroom. LZ refers to a famous set of illustrations to Homer done by John Flaxman (1755-1826), and may particularly have in mind one entitled, “Telemachus in Search of His Father,”… more

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