…butter. The Search for Everlasting Life: Gilgamesh wanders through wilderness and over plains declaring: How can I rest with despair in my heart since what my brother is now I… more

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…Laws Can Say.’” Explicator 43.2 (1985): 40-41. Bastos, Mário Vitor. “The Search for Clear Vision: William Shakespeare and Louis Zukofsky’s Poetics.” “So long lives this, and this gives life to… more

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…old (HRC 3.13). 275.39 Brooklyn Bridge / Inclined towards Edward Hopper’s angular search of shadows: Hopper (1882-1967) American realist painter, in whose works sharply etched shadows are often prominent, although… more


…echo the opening lines of Book II as Telemachos wakes up determined to assert his birth right against the suitors and to go in search for his father. Here imagined… more


…enquiry only gave occasion to another, that book referred to book, that to search was not always to find, and to find was not always to be informed; and that… more

Catullus (1969) with Celia Zukofsky

…3/4 (April-July 1968) [in “Test of Translation”]. Catullus 60. the silent Zero, in search of Sound, ed. Eric Sackheim. NY: Grossman, 1968. Catullus Fragmenta . London: Turret Books (Jan.1969) [limited… more

Little (1970)

…to his bedroom. LZ refers to a famous set of illustrations to Homer done by John Flaxman (1755-1826), and may particularly have in mind one entitled, “Telemachus in Search of… more

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